The Second Avenue Writer’s Club

None of the members of the Second Avenue Writer’s Club had shared any work within the last year. The Second Avenue Writer’s Club was formed, some three years ago, after its founding members completed a creative writing course. The club was just a summer fever dream. Ill conceived, but full of good intentions. Despite the... Continue Reading →

Going to the Country

The phenomena known as spontaneous teleportation occurs only in the dark of the night. Winding country roads will give drivers and riders alike the best odds of a sighting. Dosing drivers will surely experience the phenomenon on nights dark as this one. It happens randomly. The car moves swiftly up the road, sometimes going as... Continue Reading →


A sliver of silver hung in the darkening sky like a crescent scar. The orange of the sun and its energy slowly faded away below the street lights and shopping centers. As the sun dipped, a dark blue wave swallowed the world whole. Alfie stood beside Hank, inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke, as he watched... Continue Reading →

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