Company Men

The day starts with yoga. Before a long day on the road, Max's body needs to stretch. Blood must reach every corner of his body as the sinews are loosened to their limits. The desert air is chilled. Max finishes before the sun finishes its climb over the horizon. Inside his office, George looks out.... Continue Reading →

The need to write often

It's been a long couple of weeks. I ran a half-marathon. My foot still hurts from that amazing experience. In the following week, I've eaten like trash and hung out with friends. It's been good. Busy. But good. Lately, I've been back on Twitter to read through the election year rhetoric. It's been fascinating. It... Continue Reading →

The cobot

He makes eye contact with me and nods to draw my attention. I look to his cold face and take off my headphones. "Did you file your inventory report?" He asks. "I'm just finishing it now," I say. "Good." He sits back in his chair and stares blankly ahead. He doesn’t turn to his screen... Continue Reading →

Drive the car

I like to drive dangerously around self-driving cars. It's in hopes to teach the algorithms a valuable lesson: Humans are funny that way. Bear witness: To donuts in the intersection. To unnecessary engine revving. To risky games of chicken. It's all community service. A win-win. I satisfy my kicks. The algorithms improve. All so that... Continue Reading →

One last time

One last time, for the time being, I’ll wax poetic about creativity. What does it mean to be creative? Create. Create. Create. I can repeat the word like a chant, but it won’t lead to anything. It’s a pleasurable act, one that can release a desired catharsis. Write a simple line, something bold that provokes... Continue Reading →

Trying to be creative

It’s been hard to be creative. Life easily gets in the way. I need to go to the store. I slept in. The weather is just too cold or hot. The string of reasons is diverse, but the end result remains the same. In the past few months, I’ve re-evaluated my motivations. Why is it... Continue Reading →

The Second Avenue Writer’s Club

None of the members of the Second Avenue Writer’s Club had shared any work within the last year. The Second Avenue Writer’s Club was formed, some three years ago, after its founding members completed a creative writing course. The club was just a summer fever dream. Ill conceived, but full of good intentions. Despite the... Continue Reading →


A sliver of silver hung in the darkening sky like a crescent scar. The orange of the sun and its energy slowly faded away below the street lights and shopping centers. As the sun dipped, a dark blue wave swallowed the world whole. Alfie stood beside Hank, inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke, as he watched... Continue Reading →

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