Jesse A. Millard (Photo by Mike Mertes for AZ Big Media)

Jesse A. Millard is a Tempe-based writer. He currently works as a web content strategist and writer at Insight Enterprises. Jesse is also pursuing his Masters in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership at Arizona State University. Previously, Jesse worked as a journalist covering the Phoenix metropolitan area. He’s written for several publications, including Az Business, AZRE, the Phoenix Business Journal and The Arizona Republic.

Jesse grew up in Arizona and has lived here his entire life. He enjoys the challenge of developing exceptional user experiences by using his strategy, copy writing and collaboration expertise. Each project involves a diverse team of stakeholders, designers and writers and Jesse finds it a privilege to work with such an amazing team. 

In his master’s program, Jesse is exploring the relationship between art and community and how storytelling enables placemaking. Through his studies, Jesse has focused on design thinking, social entrepreneurship, public policy and media literacy. Jesse is currently starting his applied project, which will aim to create a literary and visual arts publications that provides a platform for community art. 

As a practicing writer, Jesse focuses on many topics in his free time from personal narratives about life to speculative futures. His fiction works are unpublished, but some select works can be found on this site. Jesse has also developed his own zine, Already Seen, which can be found at the Wasted Ink Zine Distro.

Through past jobs, Jesse has gained a breadth of experience behind the camera as a still and video photographer. He can edit both photos and video. 

Jesse has also been known to create a few clay bodies on the wheel and hopes to build a clay studio in his home one day with his partner. He also enjoys to backpack, hike, bike ride and fly fish. 

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