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Jesse Millard

HDA 521 Intro

Hello! I’m a writer, content marketer and former journalist who is pursuing a masters in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership. Through this program I’m working towards creating a literary and visual arts publication that will publish art that addresses social and civic issues. My art practice is literary in focus with an emphasis on storytelling that pertains to living life in our modern American context. I wish to tell stories that are real, which is a continuation of my past journalistic pursuits. Although, as a journalist, I primarily covered businesses and economic development, I quickly realized that my work in that field didn’t align to my values. As a result, I’m pursuing my masters in this program so that I can better live my values of equity and collectivism while also learning what it means to be a true community partner while discarding many of the assumptions and prejudices that were ingrained in me as a journalist covering businesses and their ideas of community. My research goals are really focused on learning how to meaningfully listen to the community so that my work can support the true root of local desires and needs. I also wish to learn how to better navigate scholarly work so that I can be in-touch with the latest learnings and new developments. Additionally, I was born in Arizona and have lived in the central Phoenix area since 2012 when I started my undergraduate degree at ASU’s journalism school. In my spare time, I used to go to concerts at least two to three times a month before the pandemic. But, I am an avid hiker and bicyclist who loves spending time in nature. I also attempt to go fly fishing once or twice a year. Looking forward to meeting everyone in this class!

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